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Buried Treasure

I’m about to change my closet over from summer to fall, but here’s an outfit post from a few months ago! 

Buried Treasure 1 - Gingham and Steel

This summer, I was inspired to clean out my closet yet again.  I have done this countless times, admittedly, but this time I was ruthless.  The result was a full kitchen trash bag of items in great condition but not right for me – obviously, this meant it was time for a clothing swap.

However, a funny thing happened.  The morning after my purge, I woke up thinking about one of the skirts I’d put aside for the swap.  Suddenly, after months of not wearing the H&M find, I had an idea for an outfit!  So I removed it from the pile and walked out the door a bit later wearing this concoction: 

Buried Treasure 2 - Gingham and Steel

I really liked it!  Very fresh and fun and feminine.  (It was perfect for a day of church and girl time with friends.)  I realized that I’d been at a loss for shirts to wear with it, but that’s ‘cause I’d been forgetting about this Ann Taylor top.  Interestingly, when I put this black shell with a wide belt like this one, lots of people think I’m wearing a dress rather an a combination.  Not that I’m complaining! 

Buried Treasure 3 - Gingham and Steel

The experience was a good reminder of a basic fact in purging – be sure to wait a couple days before finally disposing of things.  You may find one or two of the items aren’t finished with you yet!  (Of course, if you’re looking at keeping everything a few days later, that’s a different story.)

Have you purged your closet recently?  Did you end up reclaiming any of the things you gave away?

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