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Cool Mint

It made complete sense to be a fashion blogger last year, when my sister Amy suggested we try our hand at it over at FashionablyLateSisters.

After all, I was working an “normal-person” office job, and so dressing up in a new outfit each day was one of the few ways to be creative and stay entertained with life.  Also, due to my light workload, I spent countless work hours on Pinterest and fashion blogs, not to mention pouring through every single picture of every single designer’s shows online when Fashion Week came along (NYC, London, Milan, AND Paris).  So in many ways, I was qualified to talk about fashion, since I was surrounded by it (online) all the time.

But then my life changed, and I went into freelance performer/pay-the-bills-er mode.  Believe me when I say the last thing on my mind was fashion.  Thus, I began to rely on tried-and-true outfits.  Like this one:

Cool Mint 1 - Gingham and Steel

I think my outfit simplification is worse in summer.  During the fall, I have countless scarves and sweaters and boots to play with; frankly, I think I just have more warm weather clothes in general!  So it makes sense that I’m a little lazier in summer.

Seriously, I can’t have worn more than five or six outfits this season.  Isn’t that terrible?!  And funnily enough, nearly all of them were in this blue/green/mint palette.  I think the Pantone color of the year was emerald, so it’s not really me being on-trend.  It’s just that I leaned towards feeling refreshed and comfortable, and so a few key pieces were all I needed.

Cool Mint 2 - Gingham and Steel

Of course, part of it was also that a great friend gave me a WONDERFUL pair of Anthropologie earrings that I’ve wore the daylights out of.  Pretty sure I blogged about those back in April, in one of the now-erased posts.  So anytime I wanted to be casual but with a touch of sparkly fancy, I wore something to match.  Just like this outfit – which, of course, I wore while on a temping assignment.  (Commuted in flats, which is the way to take this back down to casual.)  Guess I just need the occasional office job to re-inspire my fashion sensibilities?

Cool Mint 3 - Gingham and Steel

Well, something needs inspiration, anyway…

Do you revert to tried-and-true outfits too?  Have you noticed one season inspiring more “play” in your wardrobe than another?

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