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Cruise Preparation!

The last time I blogged here at Gingham and Steel, I was an auditioning actor.  I am now a week and a half away from being a working actor.  Yes, it took that long to book a job whose news is worth sharing (that’s a subject for several blog posts, undoubtedly), but here we go, off to a new adventure, a cruise ship, and an unforgettable 2015.

So what is this exciting job?  I’ve been hired to be a vocalist for Princess Cruises for seven months!  I’ll be sailing to Alaska, the California coast, Hawaii, and Mexico.  YES PLEASE.  All except California will be new experiences for me, and hopefully I’ll remember to take enough photographs to share them here with you.  (Challenge: accepted.)

The Ruby Princess

The Ruby Princess

Yes, that’s my actual ship.

Now, I’m leaving in a week and a half.  You might be wondering, “Gee, Emily, do you feel prepared?”

The answer is a big fat “no.”

It took almost a month to get things wrapped up – three final audiobooks, a couple of cabaret performances, a major band concert, several day jobs, volunteer commitments, and, oh, LIFE. So while I have had packing lists and music charts flitting around the back of my head, I haven’t been able to sit down and concentrate on really preparing until this weekend.  All that starts now.  And I am beyond excited!

Next post I’ll share how I’m approaching the (only slightly daunting) task of learning five shows’ worth of music, for which I’m expected to be memorized for Day 1 of rehearsals.  Stay “tuned”…

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