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Cruising with Friends: Days 20-29

Well, hello again!  I hope you’ll forgive my absence this week.  As I mentioned, I had friends come cruising with me (they were official passengers and everything!), and so the time I usually spend blogging was spent talking with my husband – because the time usually spent talking with him was spent hanging out with them!  Not that I minded too much – it was wonderful to see friends and to share Alaska with them.

So, in lieu of the couple of posts I would have written this week, here’s a whole bunch of photos over that period, including some shots my friend Celeste took of me performing!  (Not pictured: the three of us eating amazing food.  Often.)

Sea Day – “Stardust” show

Stardust Magic Moment

Ketchikan – Hiking and “Once Upon a Dream” show

I took Celeste and her boyfriend Marc on the Deer Mountain trail I hiked in the rain last week, fortunately under relatively clear skies.  So this time, when we reached the Scenic Waypoint, we could see things!  And wow, did Alaska deliver.  Just look at this:


The Mossy Glen


Dreams Shot

For the first time since cruising (what’s the point without friends, hehe), I got up early for the Tracy Arm scenic cruising we do each week.  Tracy Arm is a lovely fjord that ends right near an enormous glacier, with some beautiful views.  So we rolled ourselves out of bed and up to the Lido Deck just in time to see the glacier before the ship turned around and cruised back out to the Inside Passage.

That icy mass in the middle of the mountains is the glacier.

That icy mass in the middle of the mountains is the glacier.

Afterwards we had breakfast and watched the fjord glide past the windows of the dining room – I could get used to that view while dining!  (Though I admit this particular shot is from down in my stateroom later.)


I didn’t end up getting off in Juneau, since we did an extra show of “Once Upon a Dream” for the creative staff that had come up from L.A., and I was pretty tired afterwards.


I took exactly one picture while in Skagway.  Too busy savoring my lavender shortbread and enjoying the touristy shops with Celeste.  In honor of my husband (who is obsessed), I give you Russian-nested penguins.


I haven’t mentioned this fun Motown Medley we do in the piazza, but we performed it for the first time this cruise!  It’s ten minutes of great songs like “Reach Out,” “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch,” and “ABC.”  And Candace and I get to wear Tina Turner-style dresses!  Whee.


Victoria, British Columbia

It was a beautiful, if slightly chilly, evening for a two-hour walk along the beach and boardwalk of Victoria.  After two days at sea, I relish the time to walk!  The Empress Hotel was gorgeously lit, and I couldn’t resist snapping a picture.

Which reminds me that I didn’t share my pictures of downtown Victoria from last week!  If you’ll forgive the time jog, I explored the harbor and downtown area, including the Parliament building…



Points (and tips) for originality

Points (and tips) for originality

Finally, as I walked home (two trips ago), I was treated to a stunning sunset with the crescent moon and Venus ornamenting the beautiful cruise ships.  (Last night’s sunset was also beautiful, shocking orange clouds against a dusky periwinkle sky, but I didn’t capture any photos.)


Okay, so this week, I have to remember how to cruise without my best friend onboard.   I think the newness of everything is starting to fade into routine, which is a good thing, but it means I’ve started to feel more loneliness, homesickness, and just emotion in general.  I don’t mind, particularly, as I admit I’m one of those dramatic types who enjoy ALL THE FEELINGS, but it will be interesting to see how I can keep it in check and stay focused on enjoying the moment.

Though I am an employee of Princess Cruises, all opinions are mine only and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

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