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  • Emily Ellet

Evening Sunset

the dark, navy Hudson sparkles beneath a gold and rosy skyline, the orange sun bouncing off, a swathe of trees, deep green, separating the two, and the cloudless sky is so clear, the world is high-definition. all the haze of summer has been swept away by this crisp fall breeze fluttering down the train tracks, from the Verrazano Bridge standing nobly at the mouth of the bay. you can taste autumn and it is cool and clear like a mountain stream. the city of skyscrapers is scrubbed and polished, ready for its white mink coat of winter. vibrant cantaloupe and mellow goldenrod fade in tone but not clarity until darkness settles. I smell a football game somewhere. Copyright 2013 by Gingham And Steel.  Please ask for permission to reprint!

#Football #Poetry #HudsonRiver #Evening #Sunset #Reflections #NewYorkCity #Emily #Autumn

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