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First Day!

The requisite pilgrimage: a classic burger meal from In-n-Out!

I’m back home after my first day of rehearsal in Los Angeles (or technically, Santa Clarita)! Thought I’d share a handful of pictures from this first day as a production vocalist with Princess Cruises.  I’m really trying to document this experience, guys!  For you and for my eventual children.

Other than the photos, there’s not that much that’s cool or unusual to share.  It was like most first days at a new job: shaking hands, fielding a volley of names you’ll need two weeks to link correctly to faces, listening to a lot of information being directed your way (all useful but most not immediately relevant), and figuring out how you fit into the workplace culture. However, this first day did involve trying on dance shoes and Arianna Grande hairpieces, which I never got to do in the finance world.  I am finally living my dreams!!!  And no, that’s not sarcasm.

Tomorrow is more blocking and choreography, and Saturday will be our first official music rehearsal.  In the meantime, enjoy this handful of captured moments.  I need to find some cool filters like my friend Tricia, who has the most amazing Instagram account ever. Recommendations?

On the bus to rehearsal! It’s a 30-minute walk or a 10-minute bus ride to the studios from our apartment.

A couple of shots from the costume, shoe, and wig shop, where we began the day. These photos don’t capture the immense feeling of the space! Such high ceilings and shoes everywhere. Sooooo fun!

Post-lunch in our empty rehearsal studio! #negativespace

Two of my fellow singers (Christina on the left, Max on the right) learning some (very passionate) blocking in a tango-influenced number. You can just see the vocal supervisor, Rachel, in the mirror, as she’s standing directly behind Max.

My Ariande Grande moment! Had to try a bunch of different colors to find the right match for my hair. Regrettably, it wasn’t the auburn red color I’m wearing here, which was my favorite near-match. I get to wear 3 different wig styles, apparently! That’ll be fun.

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