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  • Emily Ellet

Going Away Party

Several weeks ago, a good friend of ours held a going-away party, as she was leaving NYC to head back home.  Sad occasion, but a great excuse to get dressed up, right?!

Going Away Party 1 - Gingham and Steel

Let me say, I went all out!  Fancy smoky eyeliner wings, a dress I haven’t gotten to wear in years (you can see why…), and TEASED hair.

Actually, side note, I was quite proud of that hair!  It was the result of trying a technique I learned from my frequent hair modeling sessions for Bumble and Bumble.  You see, the last time I got the Double French Twist style (read: 2.5 hours of teasing and hairspray madness), I had to brush it out immediately after for an audition.  And my hair looked phenomenal!  Maybe there’s something to all this hairspray/teasing body, I thought.

So that’s what I tried on this particular evening – after painstakingly straightening it all, I then teased and hairsprayed the roots all over my head.  While it wasn’t as voluminous straight down as the other day (likely because I only spent five minutes teasing, rather than forty-five), it did give it plenty of body for styling.  So up it went!  I do love a good lofty hairstyle.

I wish we had more opportunities to dress up like this.  It’s one of the only real regrets I have about living in today’s culture.  Or maybe I just need to become more successful and have to go to lots of networking parties?

Going Away Party 2 - Gingham and Steel

Side note #2 – as cute as I felt, I was way more excited about my fit of creativity that afternoon.  It was another day of unemployment, and while I had a few things on my todo list (notably, cleaning the house), I was bored.  I baked some cookies to give to our friend and was looking for a nice way to package them, since a large Ziploc bag isn’t very classy, when I suddenly realized we had the PERFECT little box – but that it was covered in another company’s advertising.  Not cool.

In a moment of inspiration, I decided to do actual decoupage all over the sides and lid of the box.  I felt like Samantha Parkington at Christmas time (anyone else love that book?), looking through magazines and snipping out words, phrases, and photos that I could amass into a giant NYC collage around the box.  Never mind that it was the first time I’d ever tried to make a real collage or to use ModgePodge in that way – I had a vision, and I feverishly worked on it all afternoon.

Going Away Party 3 - Gingham and Steel

I don’t know if I’ve ever been so proud of the result.  It was LOVELY – colorful and inspirational and happy and sweet.  Naturally, in my delight, I forgot to take pictures.  No worries, though!  The next time I do one, I promise I’ll take pictures and share them here.  And there will definitely be another collage in my future.  Oooooh, maybe Christmas wrapping for everyone?!

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