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  • Emily Ellet

Have Ticket, Will Panic


I got my flight information for heading out on the cruise ship

…and promptly panicked.

Apparently I had misunderstood the start date.  “Start on June 4” does not mean, “Fly out on June 4;” it means, “Start rehearsals on June 4.”  My flight is June 3rd – very early in the morning.

Something about losing a whole day shocked me into seriously freaking out.  I’m normally not quite that unreasonable, but in that moment I felt completely overwhelmed. Packing multiple suitcases, loading up music and data on my computer/tablet/phone, and oh, yeah, preparing all of that music, could not possibly be done with one fewer day!  It doesn’t help that I had agreed to babysit for a friend Tuesday night, meaning that now I will probably leave for the airport straight from there, meaning it all has to be done and packed and ready Tuesday morning before I leave the house.  Gahhhhh!

Fortunately, God gave us husbands, to remind us that the world is, in fact, NOT coming to an end and that we can get everything done.  A good calm conversation with him settled my nerves considerably and helped me get my timeline back into focus.

So what’s my schedule now?  Taking into consideration various work commitments and spending quality time with that husband before I leave him for seven months (!), it looks like this:

  1. Saturday: focus on learning music

  2. Sunday: start making packing piles

  3. Monday: finish learning all music, load media onto devices, finish packing piles

  4. Tuesday: pack suitcases and head into the city

  5. Wednesday: grab a cab, catch a flight, land in L.A.

  6. Thursday: begin rehearsals!

I’ll report back early next week to let you know how all that packing is going.  Cross your fingers everything fits into two suitcases!

photo credit: Lufthansa Airbus A340 via photopin (license)

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