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  • Emily Ellet


This is me right now.

This is me not sleeping right now.

I know I owe you all a post about the new show we’re learning, Magic To Do, but the fact is, we’re so busy learning and rehearsing it, it’s hard to sit down and write about it.

Oh, here’s a cool trailer of the first premiere cast (on the Crown Princess), which officially opened this month. Essentially, that’s what we’ll look like in early November, when we have our own premiere.  (Due to internet difficulties, please click the link to see the trailer.) 

Our Ruby Princess cast is technically the second premiere cast.  However, they’re still developing (meaning, creating) bits and pieces of the show, so it’s not set in stone yet.  This is both exciting, as the show is, in part, molded to us, and exhausting, as parts can change from day to day, a real challenge when you’re just trying to learn it to memory, let alone perform it well.

Adding to the mix is the fact that we’re still performing our other shows and jobs around all these rehearsals.  And we only have certain members of the creative team for a limited period of time, so they’re trying to maximize that time with us.

On top of this is the fact that the month or so prior to the beginning of these rehearsals, we replaced two cast members, which required tons of extra rehearsals during those short cruises I mentioned.  (If you went only by my posts, you’d think my recent life was all sunbathing and eating seafood by the beach, but the truth is that those were the only moments of my life that weren’t focused on rehearsals and performances.)

In short, I’m tired.  And tired people don’t write fun, cool, interesting blog posts.  Except this one, apparently (I mean, I think it’s Interesting, at least), being written on this night of stress-related insomnia.  Does anyone else deal with that?  I normally fall asleep just fine, usually within ten minutes or so of lying down, but if I have anything important or demanding the next morning, I can’t sleep.  I toss and turn and roll over and try everything I can think of, from reading the Bible to yoga to relaxing music to writing out my worries and promising I’ll think about them the next day – and still I can’t fall asleep.

I know tomorrow is stressing me out because it’s one of the longest work days I’ve ever been assigned, and not only does it start with singing one of the hardest songs I’ve ever sung. in the early morning (for a performer), but it culminates in two performances of my most demanding show.  Can I do it?  Of course.  Do I want to?  Not really.   I just want a day off, to sleep, to cry, to do absolutely nothing but sit staring at my walls.

I promise I’m not being ungrateful.  I so want to be here, I want to be performing, I want to be learning this new, awesome show that made our whole cast ooh and ahh and cry when we watched a video of the Crown Princess’s premiere the other night.  I’m living my dream, and it’s exactly where I want to be.

But I am human.  And sometimes, even humans living their dreams need rest.

May I fall asleep now?

Though I am an employee of Princess Cruises, all opinions are mine only and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.  Especially tonight.

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