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  • Emily Ellet

Ode to Packages

Cardboard Box

The answer is obviously no.

Just from the smell of the crisp brown packaging and the satisfying “rip” as you tear off the packaging tape, you know it’s going to be a good day.  But then, the best part is that there’s a present inside.

It doesn’t matter that you ordered it for yourself.  It makes no difference whether it’s shoes or soap.  The point is, just for a few minutes, it’s your birthday all over again.

Not gonna lie, I was the girl who never received a carnation when the Student Council sold Valentine’s Day gifts to send to your friends and who never had flowers delivered to her during chemistry.  Granted, I couldn’t afford to send them to anyone, either, so it’s not like I was upset. But anytime I receive a surprise or a package in the mail (which still counts as a surprise, even if you are tracking it online), I’m giddy with delight.

This has proven very complementary to my office manager/admin duties over the years.  Every week, we have to receive groceries.  Every couple weeks, we have to order supplies.  Guess who’s in charge of signing for all those boxes and opening them?  ME!!!!  Between the organizational me that gets to put everything away and the starved-for-attention me (what? I’m an actress…) that loves receiving packages, office management is a dream come true.

But the excitement of packages isn’t just personal.  One of my many jobs in college was to work in the mailroom, processing the UPS and FedEx deliveries for students and faculty.  Um, YES!!!  I got just as excited for everyone else’s packages as for my own.  With the music cranked and a fat Sharpie in my hand, it was the brightest little hour of my day.  And when I got to hand over someone’s package and see that light of delight in their eyes…well, it made up for the pay rate, I’ll say that.

They say it’s the little things – I just say, it’s the packages.

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