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Parisian Picnic

So as I said when I started this blog back up, I’m not completely abandoning my sartorial predilections.  It’s just that I only wear (and endlessly repeat) about three real outfits a month, and the rest of the time I’m in dance clothes or shorts and a tank top – hardly bloggable.  Auditioning has a uniform, but from time to time, I do get inspiration for a fresh take.  Such as this one:

Parisian Picnic 1 - Gingham and Steel

I’m a huge picnic fan.  I’ve always wanted one of those big wicker picnic baskets and a gingham tablecloth to spread out on the grass with fancy French fare.  One day, I promise, Mike and I will have a true Parisian picnic with a crusty baguette, a wedge of warm Brie cheese, and some fresh fruit accompanied by some sparkling…cider.  (Ok, that part’s not French at all.)  And then sometimes my imagination really takes off and we’re in a golden field with no one around for miles (wink, wink), but the reality right now is far more prosaic.  If no less golden…

Parisian Picnic 2 - Gingham and Steel

And we had the yummiest dinner, set on some of our pretty china, which I’ve collected over the years from relatives and family friends and am always DYING for an opportunity to use but never can because no one wants to come to Jersey to hang out.   Our dinner was simple but tasty: 

Parisian Picnic 3 - Gingham and Steel

I’ll leave you with the ridiculous shot Mike always manages to catch.  It’s not like I mean to make awkward faces when we’re shooting these!   I’m amazed Mike can get the camera to click so quickly.  At any rate, I may or may not have been looking at some appallingly poor parenting skills nearby.  #judgemuch?

Parisian Picnic 4 - Gingham and Steel

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