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Rehearsals: Exhaustion Edition

I'm so tired!

Yah.  My sincere apologies.  The truth is…I’ve been sooooo tired when I get home that I just haven’t been up to posting.  It’s amazing how exhausting eight hours a day of learning/rehearsing/running/reviewing choreography can be.  Most of my life, the longest I’ve ever had to rehearse was six hours…on, like, tech day or something, and never was I on my feet that whole time!  It’s also been high 90s hot for the last couple weeks, and it’s amazing what that takes out of you (see: everything).

Well, this is what being a professional can be.  Oh, right – I wished for this. 🙂

Truly, I’m quite happy.  Like any job, there are up hours and down hours, occasional personality issues, and moment-to-moment frustrations.  But there is no doubt in my mind that I am doing what I have wanted to do with my life for over 25 years!

We have officially learned all the choreography for all the shows and productions numbers we will be asked to do until October (when we’ll learn and set a brand new Stephen Schwartz show onboard the ship!).  So now it’s a matter of combining everything with the dancers (who learned and rehearsed separately up till now).  Good timing, since we leave next weekend…yikes!

My favorite show at this point is definitely “Once Upon a Dream,” which is also the only one in which we’ve combined the singers and dancers so far.  I shared a short video clip of another cast doing some of that show at the end of my last post, so you might remember that I’ll be the little girl in it.  Unlike in most of the revue-style shows we’re doing, my character has a very clear arc – meaning that she doesn’t end the show in the same place mentally or emotionally that she started it.  Short version: I get to act!  For real!  And to my surprise, I have found that I really, really connect with playing a little girl.

Any of you who know me well probably just guffawed into your teacups just now, as I acknowledge that I have a tendency to be rather childlike in real life.  But I didn’t think I’d be so comfortable playing one, given my dissatisfaction with playing ingenues (which I discussed in detail in a post from a couple years ago).  It turns out that ingenues and little girls are pretty different.

Admittedly, this little girl role is very vague, so I have probably pulled a lot from myself as I have discovered the character.  But my biggest complaint with ingenues is that I don’t find them very aware, either of themselves or of the situations they’re in.  This little girl, in contrast, is extremely aware!  She’s quite intelligent, too curious for her own good, and full of wonder. Playing that spectrum of qualities is way more fun than playing someone who was written simply to be pretty and in love.  (A grievance that naturally reflects my dissatisfaction with gender paradigms within the theatrical writing world.)

Whatever the reason, suffice it to say I’m having a blast, notwithstanding the heat, the fatigue, and the aches and pains from exercising muscles I haven’t accessed in awhile.  (Must get back into dance class….)  Starting tomorrow, we’ll combine with the dancers for the rest of the production shows, and then we’ll see officially what my favorite show is!

Though I am an employee of Princess Cruises, all opinions are mine only and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

photo credit: I’m so tired! via photopin (license)

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