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  • Emily Ellet

Super Simple DIY Frozen Yogurt


Truthfully, it’s not that bad to me.  I do better in warm climates, both because I tend to get cold easily and because I grew up playing outside all summer in sweltering 90+ degree heat in St. Louis, which is also incredibly humid. So I don’t really mind it.  But I do notice it!  And I have discovered my favorite trick for beating the heat:

Frozen yogurt.

I grew up with a love for both frozen yogurt and “real” ice cream, thanks to my mom and dad, who favor the different camps, respectively.  Unfortunately, my budget does not permit an unlimited stock of Ben & Jerry’s or any other delightful frozen treat.  So I’ve gotten creative, thanks to accidentally overbuying a bunch of those Chobani greek yogurt cups that are always on sale for $1 and having a tendency to flash freeze fruits in the summer.

Are you ready for the simplest homemade frozen yogurt recipe ever?  That kind of counts as a healthy meal because it’s just Greek yogurt, fruit, and maybe some nuts?  (I literally just had one for lunch…)


  1. 1 cup of Greek Yogurt – I get the flavored or fruit-on-the-bottom kind, because otherwise, as my mom can attest, it’s just too sour and nasty.  Any brand will do, but make it one of those small single-serving sizes.

  2. A small handful of chopped flash-frozen fruit like mangos, strawberries, bananas…sky’s the limit!  This is your ice, so you don’t need too much – literally a palmful? – I like to buy seasonal fruit in bulk and flash freeze it.  Also, it’s a great way to save and use fruit that’s about to go rotten.

  3. If you’re feeling fancy, a few nuts or seeds.  I’ve used flax seeds, whole almonds, and sliced almonds to great effect so far, but this is your canvas!  Paint it with whatever flavors you like.

Blend yogurt, fruit, and seeds (if using) in a blender.  I’m using a Magic Bullet these days and LOVE it, but I try to always make sure that the yogurt’s in the bottom so that the blender doesn’t get stuck.

Tip: if your blender does get stuck after awhile, your mixture is probably too frozen/chunky. Add a little milk/water/liquid until it gets going happily, and next time try adding less frozen fruit.

That’s it!  Put in a glass and enjoy quickly – it does melt after a few minutes, especially in heat like this.  But seriously, this is the easiest frozen treat I’ve ever made, and it is such a relief in these hot summer days.

My favorite flavor combinations so far have been pineapple yogurt with frozen mango and almonds, plus passionfruit yogurt with just about anything (because all you can taste is the passionfruit, which is the flavor I’m going for – remember how obsessed I am with lilikoi??)  I’m trying coffee yogurt with bananas this week – wish me luck!

Let me know what you’re eating/drinking to beat the heat!  And if you try this recipe, tell me what flavor combination you’ve liked best!

photo credit: Red sunset over San Francisco Bay via photopin (license)

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