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  • Emily Ellet

The Luxury of a Workout


Truth time:  I’ve been having serious trouble working out or eating well lately. There are good and bad reasons for this (crazy work schedule, career fears, boredom, etc.), but it doesn’t change the fact that it just makes me more unhappy. And I know this!!  I’ve learned this lesson before!!  Yet somehow I still require the wake up call.

Well, today was that wake up call. I managed to keep myself from talking myself out of taking advantage of the gym at work, and so I ran on the treadmill for a short but nevertheless life-altering 35 minutes.   Things I learned:

  1. I have been so, so spoiled by running outside. Treadmill running somehow messes with your gait and is nowhere near as satisfying. Perhaps because I’m constantly nervous I’m going to run into the front or fall off the back of the machine. #i’mhowold?

  2. However, all treadmills issues are forgivable if you watch a cooking show.  Specifically, Nigella Lawson – ohhhh, the wonderful things I’ve heard about her are so, so accurate. It’s a great show. And unlike when I used to watch Paula, I don’t feel so munchy/needy when it’s finished.

  3. A little stretching goes a long way towards achieving that post-workout glow.  Sometimes when I run (okay, most times I run), I fail to stretch when I get home, often because I forget, sometimes because I’m too lazy.  But to stretch for even just five minutes yesterday felt almost like a luxury.

  4. On the same note, a bottle of ice cold water sipped slowly on the subway became almost decadent.  It was as if for twenty minutes I had nothing to do except drink bottled water. Now that’s a pampered life!

A girl could get used to that.

image via via flickr

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