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  • Emily Ellet

The Top 5 Flavors of Hawaii (for me)

I am in a Top 5 mood right now.  I couldn’t sleep the other night because I had to capture my top 5 favorite foods of Hawaii.  Even just looking at this list is making me hungry and ready to fly back to the islands.  Is it too early to go on a vacation?

These are those cookies. #sogood

These are those cookies. #sogood

Lilikoi Lilikoi is actually the Hawaiian name for passionfruit. This list actually isn’t in any sort of order, but if it were, lilikoi would be #1 anyway.  This is a flavor that I’d barely experienced before coming to the islands; I think it got mixed up with papaya in my head, which I can now definitely say doesn’t appeal to me.   My first conscious taste of lilikoi came before we cruised to Hawaii, though. My brother had gifted me some cookies from the Honolulu Cookie Company (SO GOOD), and I was intrigued by the Lilikoi Mango flavor.  Once we were in the islands, I discovered that anything named lilikoi would go over well with me.  A lilikoi sauce?  Yes please.  Lilikoi cheesecake ice cream?  Oh heck yes.  This is a flavor I will miss A LOT in the coming months, I can tell.

  1. Guava I’ve been a fan of guava since I was a small child. I have a very clear memory of sneaking into the pantry to eat all of my baby brother’s guava baby food when I was about five.  (I also remember my mom finding out and scolding me for it.)  It’s sooooo good.  I feel like this is a flavor I didn’t get enough of when I was in Hawaii, possibly because I was too busy stuffing lilikoi into my mouth, but it’s something I’m going to try to find a way to incorporate in my meal planning when I get back home.  It’s just delicious!

  2. Coconut This is a longtime favorite flavor of mine, which made seeing it all over the place in Hawaii quite nice. Coconut meat, coconut chips, coconut flakes, coconut anything – except for coconut water, which leaves me bored.  This is another flavor I’m going to try to keep in my life when I get home.  I see coconut smoothies and breakfast puddings in my future.

  3. Macadamia nut-crusted fish How many times did I order this in our four Hawaiian trips? NOT ENOUGH.  Just looking at that title, my mouth salivates, pulling up the memory of eating at Duke’s Waikiki in Honolulu.  (Served with a lilikoi sauce, of course.)  I want to go back!  To the white sand beaches and the glowing tiki torches and the planes crossing a white moon in the clear sky overhead, with my bare feet brushing the sand on the patio.  Can you be homesick for somewhere that isn’t your home?

  4. Kahlua pork Flavorful, juicy, rich. I think I could pretty much live on a diet of mac nut-crusted fish and kahlua pork.  That’s healthy, right?  Balanced?  I don’t know what goes into the sauce, but I want more.  Served with a nice side of coleslaw or green salad to cut through the rich barbecue flavors.  Oh my gosh, why am I doing this to myself?  I’m so hungry all of a sudden!

You know, having written this list, it has inspired me to try to bring these flavors home with me.  Surely I can incorporate these into my meals once in a while.  My husband has requested I take over meal planning anyway, so what a great excuse!  Now, pardon me – I need to track down some lunch ASAP, or my growling stomach will wake my neighbors up.

Though I am an employee of Princess Cruise Lines, all opinions are mine only and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

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