• Emily Ellet

Thoughts from 3 am: Things I Miss While Cruising


Things that I miss, in no particular order:

  1. The crackling, dreamy life of a flame burning in a candle

  2. Making myself a bowl of cereal with cold milk, at any time of day or night

  3. My cats, or at this point any cats, really; just something demanding that I adore it unconditionally at 6 am

  4. Getting to talk with my husband any time of day or night

  5. The ability to fall asleep easily (why, yes, it is 3 am right now)

  6. My complete wardrobe

  7. Mountains and hiking in Alaska

  8. My family

  9. Keys that jangle

  10. A microwave and all the food I could buy for it

  11. Real plants

  12. Seemingly unlimited free WiFi

  13. (Related) Not worrying about my data plan

  14. My complete sheet music library

  15. Rollerblading around Central Park

  16. Top 40 Radio

  17. Netflix

  18. The blissful peace of not worrying about the next six months of my life

  19. Fall boots; I keep reaching for my three pairs at home

  20. Driving down the freeway at 70 mph, blasting Dvorak’s Ninth Symphony

  21. Baking cookies to make people like me (our family has the best cookie recipe of all time, and you’d better believe it’s a secret)

  22. Having an updated antivirus on my computer

  23. My desire to exercise (I had it only four days ago)

  24. My friend, Celeste, and our wonderful brunch/manicure dates in Hoboken

  25. My sisters

  26. New York City, especially revolting 8th Avenue where I spend most of my time

  27. My mini Barbie collection from childhood (McDonald’s is in business because of those yearly mini Barbie/Hot Wheels promos and my family)

  28. My baby blanket, which was tragically lost in a percussion rehearsal in Manhattan this year

  29. My kitty, Meg, who passed on only a couple months prior to the loss of the baby blanket; the two events felt oddly connected

  30. Having an uncongested sinus system (it’s been about five months)

  31. Christmas movies like White Christmas, The Muppet Christmas Carol, and Christmas in Connecticut (don’t worry, I have Love Actually)

  32. My two families, so different but so dearly loved

  33. A portion of my hearing, thanks to the awesome (if deafening) crew bar concert tonight

  34. Dancing with my husband

  35. Martinelli’s Sparkling Apple Juice

Though I am an employee of Princess Cruise Lines, all opinions are mine only and do not necessarily reflect those of my employer.

Photo credit: Xmas pic via photopin (license)

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