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  • Emily Ellet

Thoughts while Rollerblading to Work

  1. Halfway through my commute: Oh no.  I forgot to pack my shoes.

  2. Tip: if you forget to bring your shoes to work, you will get to workout TWICE that day, since you will also have to rollerblade home!  #ouch

  3. Really?  We call these “paved” roads?  And why is the bike line consistently painted over the WORST parts of the road?  Also all the manholes.

  4. This city is really extraordinarily beautiful from a bridge.

  5. Bridges are not built evenly.  One side is a long, slow slog of uphill misery that never ends; the other side is a brake-eroding slope of panic.  (Though this does make for a much easier commute in the other direction.)

  6. Yikes, maybe I should have worn my glasses. Nope, I would look like way too much of a nerd. Prescription sunglasses, maybe?

  7. 60 degrees is perfect rollerblading temperature.  Too bad it’s only that lovely about five days a year.

  8. Why did I bother to flatiron my hair this morning?

  9. Bikers who ring their little bells when passing you are the nicest bikers.

  10. To the biker who screamed at me that I wasn’t in the right line, I ask: where do YOU think a rollerblader should be if not the bike lane – with the cars? Or running over the pedestrians?

  11. There has to be a helmet that can accommodate putting your hair in a bun on the top of your head.

  12. Racing a car (and winning) to the other side of the intersection when the light turns green is the best.

  13. Bike lines in Manhattan are sort of a joke.  Most of the time, they’re blocked by delivery vans, construction, or just other cars trying to get ahead. (As proven in this video, starting at around 00:54.)

  14. Self, please remember to keep watching the road, no matter how beautiful the river and the skyline look in front of you.

  15. Try not to think about how ridiculous you looked almost wiping out while standing still just now.  Maybe nobody noticed.

  16. I love this city.

On a more serious note, if you’re rollerblading in Manhattan, make sure you:

  1. Wear protective gear – at the very least, a helmet and wrist guards.

  2. Keep your attention focused on the road at all times – no headphones, no phone calls, no music!

  3. Think FOR the drivers with whom you’re sharing the road – use hand signals and check over your shoulder frequently to let them know you are in tune with the rhythm of the traffic around you.

  4. Take an extra change of clothes for the office. 🙂

             Pretty sure I look like this when I rollerblade. The pink helmet is accurate, at least.

photo credit: 鴉片丹 Nunu is learning roller-blades via photopin (license)

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